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How To Decoupage Furniture
Free Decoupage Lesson
Decoupage A Romantic Steamer Trunk  
A Vintage Art Lesson by Kate Bangs 
Trunks are a true find for decoupaging. They are wonderful as a coffee table or at the foot of a bed for a romantic hope chest. I hope you enjoy this fast and easy project. You may change the colors of the paints to fit your needs.
List Of Supplies
  • Furniture old steamer trunks
  • Sandpaper, medium and fine... (HomeDepot)
  • Kilz primer  ... (Home Depot)
  • Linen White latex paint by Ben Moore in eggshell finish... (paint store)
  • Delta brown iron oxide, Apple Barrel Forest green acrylic paintDelta wedge wood green  #10 flat brush and #1 liner brush... (A.C. Moore or Michaels craft store)
  • Folk Art pure pigment yellow ocher paint... (A.C Moore or Michaels craft store
  • Benjamin Moore Stays Clear low luster... (any store that sells Benjamin Moore paint)
  • Viva paper towels... (any supermarket)
  • Mod Podge... (A.C. Moore or Michaels craft store)
  • Paint or foam brushes... (Michaels, A.C. Moore or Home Depot)
  • Angels... Shown in photo below I use angel calendars. You will get 12 prints for the price of one poster (Barnes and Noble) 
  • Brayer... (A.C. Moore or Michaels craft store)
  • Hair or blow dryer... (K-Mart or Walmart)
  • Gold foil kit
This is the short version of the Altered Furniture
Decoupage Romantic Furniturte Lesson on CD:
1. Sanding, priming and base coating:  Sand existing finish till dull.  Apply Kilz primer according to directions on can.  Base coat with Martha Stewart Magnolia White and let dry.
2. Faux finish:  The finish is a combination of paints and sealers. In a tray, place puddles of magnolia white yellow ocher and Stays Clear.  Mix together, but not completely.  Apply paint mixture in small areas, one at a time, ragging off with a wrinkled Viva paper towel.  Do this until piece is completely faux finished.  Dry completely.  I use a hair or blow dryer to speed up the process.  Note: I have found by using the Stays Clear as my glazing liquid the faux finish dries quickly and I have my first coat of protective sealer on.  Dry with a hair or blow dryer.
3. Hardware:  Gold foil kit, follow directions
4. Decoupage:  Cut out Print.  Soak in sink till the edges stop curling (approx. 3 mins.), this gets the print ready for decoupage.  While the print is relaxing in the sink, put a basecoat of Mod Podge on the furniture in the general area where you will be applying the print.  Remove print from sink letting excess water drip for 15 seconds before placing into position.  Now using a wet brayer, smooth the print and remove any air bubbles.  Dry with a hair or blow dryer.  Apply 3 - 5 more coats of Mod Podge, drying in between each one.
5. Art work:  Free hand one stroke leaves, vines and branches or enlarge the photo to use as a pattern.  Paint twisty branches in brown iron oxide using the liner brush.  Next, double loading a #10 flat brush with a mixture of both greens, make simple leaves. 
6. Sealing:  Apply 3 -5 coats of Stays Clear.  Drying in between each coat.
7. Enjoy!
 Want to learn more
 If you are a visual learner, like myself, the video really helps explain all the steps clearly. If you sell painted furniture you are welcome to use this pattern. 
 The complete How To Decoupage Romantic Vintage Furniture lesson has easy to follow video instructions and is available on CD in the Painting Lessons section with other detailed instructions and videos 
 Price is $18.00 plus $2.95 shipping and handling
 Once you learn the steps, you can change the colors and the decoupage pictures to match your taste. I have used this pattern on beds and dressers and older distressed furniture. The older the better!
If you enjoy this mini lesson please sign my guest book and tell me what you think  about my web site.
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